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HackSoc uses several platforms to communicate among members. Users on all platforms are asked to abide by the HackSoc Code of Conduct at all times.


HackSoc currently uses Slack as its main chat platform. Anyone with an or email address can join the workspace here (People without can email


Several of the channels on Slack are also bridged to IRC channels on Libera Chat. The bridged channels are as follows (Slack to IRC):

  • #general is bridged to #hacksoc
  • #bot-testing is bridged to #hacksoc-bottest
  • #committee is bridged to #hacksoc-committee

Although not officially associated with HackSoc, #cs-york on Libera Chat contains many alumni and current students from York Computer Science. Some of these members can be found at HackPub.


When gaming together, HackSoc uses voice chat with Discord. There are text channels bridged to several Slack channels, including #gaming and #general. An invite link to the Discord server can be found in the topic of #general on Slack.

Discord is now used frequently for events due to COVID-19.