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HackSoc provide a variety of servers and systems.

There are currently 5 servers available.



Apollo is a general-purpose server for miscellaneous applications.

Diana is a general-purpose server providing services for members.

Klaxon is a package server providing access to a variety of applications on University of York Linux systems.

Latona is a storage server providing 50GB of storage for members.

Runciman is a shell server letting you do what you want (so long as it's acceptable use!) with 1.5GB of storage and 6GB of RAM.

Klaxon and Runciman are kindly provided by Bytemark in their York data centre.

Apollo, Diana and Latona are all part of the University of York Data Centre.

Other infrastructure

Chat services are available for members (and others) to converse over a variety of topics.

A Livestreaming system can be used by members to share interests with others.