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The following are pages that are yet to be created, or are still in-progress. Some pages are assigned to people, but others can be suggested without someone needing to be assigned to it

Incomplete pages

  • Server pages. Descriptive, not instructive (see guides) (assigned to Luke)
  • Guides category on using things (one page per thing)
    • IRC quickstart and reference to several beginner-friendly IRC clients
    • How to join the mailing list, probably on a Newsletter page (Aaron)
    • Transferring some guides from ~ldm on Runciman (assigned to Luke)
      • Web permissions on Runciman
      • Synergy
      • Hedgewars (part of Klaxon page?)
  • Infrastructure services (describe in server pages, instruct in guides) (assigned to Luke)
    • TheLounge
    • ZNC
    • Runciman web hosting
    • Latona filestore
    • Game servers
  • Slack emoji
  • John HackSoc, Founder of HackSoc
  • HackSoc history
  • The T-shirt saga (HackSoc tales)
  • Templates (assigned to ddm)


Other wanted pages

Also see: