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This wiki is for the documentation of HackSoc and it's processes.

It is written collaboratively by the HackSoc committee, as well as select members or alumni who have requested an account which has been accepted by the committee (usually after notifying via Slack).

About HackSoc Wiki

HackSoc Wiki was started on 11 October 2019, but content started to be added on 28 January 2020. It was started to provide a centralized area for information and guides for HackSoc members.

For information on HackSoc itself, click here to see its wiki page.

It uses the MediaWiki software, developed by the Wikimedia Foundation and volunteers.

The wiki is written solely in British English.

You can find out who has contributed to a page or file by viewing it's public history.

What belongs on HackSoc Wiki?

The (Main) namespace should only contain pages that are related to HackSoc.

The User namespace should contain things relevant to user's work on the wiki or as a member of HackSoc.

The HackSoc Wiki (also known as Project) namespace should contain things relevant to general work on the wiki.

Files should only be uploaded for use on pages, or in templates.

Other namespaces are self-explanatory: MediaWiki should only be used for it's intended MediaWiki purpose, Template for Templates, Category for Categories, and Module for Modules.

If you're uncertain whether an page that you want to write abides by any of these rules: ask on the #wiki channel in Slack.

What doesn't belong on HackSoc Wiki?

HackSoc Wiki isn't Wikipedia

HackSoc Wiki is not an encyclopedia, nor is it editable by anyone. The policies and guidelines of Wikipedia are not the same as the policies and guidelines of HackSoc Wiki. Notably, while Wikipedia's rules are defined by it's community, HackSoc Wiki's rules are defined by the HackSoc committee.

This also means that various key aspects of Wikipedia writing / editing do not apply here:

  • Verifiability is not required: pages may be unsourced.
  • Original research is allowed.
  • Pages can be written without a neutral point-of-view.
  • Pages can be on topics that are not necessarily notable.
  • Autobiographical writing is fine.
  • External links may appear throughout an article's main text.
  • Decisions are not reached by consensus: they are reached by the committee.

Of course, some Wikipedia rules have similar equivalents here:

  • Patent nonsense (completely random letters or words) doesn't belong here.
  • Remain civil.
    • This isn't specific to the wiki: generally being rude and unpleasant will probably get you kicked out of the society.
  • Assume good faith.
  • Don't start edit wars.
  • Don't abuse loopholes in the rules.
  • Editors can request deletion of pages.

As mentioned before: if you're unsure if a page is relevant to the wiki, ask!

HackSoc Wiki isn't a webhost

Only upload a file if it is relevant and will be used on pages or in templates.

Also be aware of the copyrights used on the wiki, which can be found below.

HackSoc Wiki isn't an indiscriminate collection of information

Ensure pages are relevant. Pages that are completely irrelevant don't belong here.

HackSoc Wiki isn't a chatroom

If you want to discuss the wiki quickly, use the #wiki channel on Slack!

Of course, you may want to use Talk pages for a more forum-like discussion on a particular page.

Terms of Service

Check the HackSoc Wiki:Terms of Service if you want to re-look at the contract you must agree to before using the service.